Automotive bracket

Do-Rite Die & Engineering’s in-house engineering experience (multiple degreed engineers on staff) coupled with our knowledge and understanding of industry requirements allows us to design die cast dies and plastic molds for optimal productivity and tool life. Our open communications philosophy with our customers fosters effective collaboration that enables us to assess the manufacturability (design for manufacturability) of a part model and handle everything from design through final assembly.

Our engineering/manufacturing process steps are thorough and unique, and position Do-Rite as a true manufacturing partner.

  • Part model
  • Part model manufacturability review
  • Preliminary design
  • Design review
  • Design updates and approval
  • Procure materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Final fitting
  • Ready for sampling

As a self-contained shop complete with in-house capabilities and expertise, we can provide immediate response to customer needs and fast turnaround time.